Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pity Party

I’m having a pity party, and I’m sorry for forcing you to come. Stephen isn’t home to comfort me (he’s working a closing shift), so I turn to you dear blog friends, for comfort.

A very odd thing happened tonight, and it happened in about 3 texts. A friend of mine, that I have known for about 10 years now, texted me after work and seemingly ended our friendship. Seriously! I tried to text her back and see what was going on, but she offered no explanation, only instead telling me that I shouldn’t bother inviting her out anymore, she won’t come. She said that she’s “not breaking up with me (if that’s the term I want to use)”. I just don’t get it! If she’s “not breaking up with me”, how come I’m not allowed to see her or invite her out anymore? Once I got home, I tried calling her to get more of an explanation, but there was no answer. So that’s it, 3 texts and we seem to be done.

I cried. I’m so sensitive to things like this, as I have had horrible luck with friends lately. I’m feeling a bit numb right now.
I put on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show as background noise…and it’s not even my type of show.

Ugh. I never wanted any of my posts to be so depressing, but I just needed to write it out and have someone read it. And having done just that, I’m already starting to feel better.

Tomorrow is another day.


  1. *hug* how awful, not only that it happened, but also out of the blue with no reason why! At least, if there had been a fight or something it would have made sense and there would be closure. Don't feel bad about letting it out on here, that's the best thing about blogs! They are a release, and you DO feel better for getting it out. Take care!

  2. oh no :O( sending cuddly hugs your way! i'm so sorry. it is totally bizarre when something like this happens. sounds like jr. high to me. I hope that you are doing okay.

  3. Thanks for the love guys! It truly has helped :)


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