Monday, November 7, 2011

Where Did the Weekend Go?

November 7 095

The past several weekends have been kind of slow for me, but this past weekend was nonstop busy. My uncle was visiting from Toronto, and since we rarely get to see him, I spent the weekend with him and my family. Saturday afternoon was spent at the Military Museum here in Calgary. Here’s the thing that you need to know: half my family is totally into things like that, the other half isn’t quite so in to it. I’m in the half that’s not too in to it. I do have to admit that this museum is pretty awesome though, and it held my attention much longer than I expected it to. This museum is definitely worth a visit, and the best part? It’s an affordable family activity! The rest of the day consisted of dinner, and then board games at my parent’s house. I capped off the evening with a trip to Peter’s Drive Thru for late night milkshakes, while the rest of the family went back home to watch Bridesmaids.

 November 7 016

November 7 019

November 7 055

Sunday was another busy day for me. I woke up early to get started on packing. I’ve already packed away all of the knick knacks from the upstairs and all of my cookbooks. The kitchen is already starting to feel naked without those! In the early afternoon, my uncle picked me up so that we could head to Vulcan to visit my great grandma and my sister. It was a good trip, filled with family stories that I had never heard before. My sister had us over for dinner, where her and her fiancĂ© fed us steaks that were half the size of the dinner plate! No one was able to finish their steaks, so the dogs ate well that night!

November 7 072

When you fit an entire weekend into just a few short paragraphs, it doesn’t sound nearly as exhausting as it was. What did you do over the weekend? Was it a busy one, or more laid back?

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