Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday
Even though Canadian Thanksgiving has already passed (it was last month), I’ll be a good sport and play along anyway.
1. What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year? This year, we had Thanksgiving at my parent’s place. My great grandma and her boyfriend made the drive from Vulcan to Calgary to join us.
2. What are you most thankful for this year? I realize that his happened after Thanksgiving, but at this moment, I am most thankful for the fact that we were able to find a place (that we love) to live in.
3. Do you have any traditions on Thanksgiving? The parade? Football? Long naps? We really don’t have any traditions that everyone can think of. Everyone just shows up, we eat good food and hang out. I couldn’t ask for anything better!
4. Is it called stuffing or dressing? Is it in the bird or a separate dish? It’s called stuffing, and we cook some in the turkey, as well as a separate dish of it. We’re big stuffing lovers, so we have to make sure we have plenty to go around (plus leftovers).
5. Do you cook? Nope. We all know by now that I can’t cook. My Dad is normally the cook, but if we were to host Thanksgiving, Stephen would do the cooking. I do, however, do the baking.
6. What is your favorite dish? Stuffing. It’s delish!
7. What is your dessert preference? Pumpkin pie. Hands down.
8. What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory? This is probably going to sound awful, but I don’t really have one that stands out. When I think of Thanksgiving, I just get warm feelings of love and good food. I do think that Canadian Thanksgiving isn’t celebrate in quite the same way as American Thanksgiving. At least, I feel like it’s not quite the big deal in our family as it would be for a family in the States.
9. Do you plan to shop on Black Friday? Nope, we don’t have Black Friday here.
10. What are you most dreading about Thanksgiving this year? I’ve never dreaded anything about Thanksgiving. I just love it!
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