Thursday, November 24, 2011

Holiday Comforts

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Red Cup{via}
Nothing screams Holiday comfort more to me than the Starbucks red cup. I realize just how predictable this is, but there is a reason for that. I look forward to this time every year, when I can sip on a peppermint mocha while sitting in a cozy coffee shop. I do realize that I can get a peppermint mocha all year long, but I save it specifically for this time of year so that I have something comforting to look forward to!
My family is big on comfort foods. One of the favorites that springs to mind is my Great Grandma’s banana bread. Before I started baking, it was a highly coveted recipe, and we all hoped and prayed that she would bring a loaf around with her whenever she came to visit. What’s more comforting than sharing a slice of warm banana bread with your loved ones? Luckily for us, she brings several loaves to distribute at Christmastime. I just recently received her recipe for banana bread, so I had the honor of baking it for Christmas this past year.
This is my Uncle D’arcy, holding a loaf of my banana bread. The whole family gathered around, wanting to sample a slice, hoping that it would be close to my Great Grandma’s. The reason he’s showing off this loaf to the camera is that my loaf looked exactly like my G.G’s bread! It also tasted the same, so there were sighs of relief from the family. Now, whenever we’re craving a little bite of family comfort, we don’t have to travel to Vulcan to satisfy that craving…they just have to travel to my place!
Speaking of family, there’s absolutely nothing more comforting to me than having all of my family around me during the holidays. Christmas has to be one of my favorite holidays because I look forward to getting my crazy loud family together, all in one place! Stephen and I are hosting Christmas this year, and while people tell us that we’re crazy for wanting to host so many people, we wouldn’t have it any other way.
What does holiday comfort mean to you?

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