Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesdays


Since I talk about Pinterest enough on my blog, I figured it might be fun for those of you who don’t use Pinterest to get a glimpse of the things that I’m pinning right now. If you’re on Pinterest, and we’re not friends yet, find me here!

Bucket List.

How cute is this bucket list? (I can’t find the original source for this idea, so speak up if you know it!) I’ve been wanting to make a bucket list with Stephen for quite some time, and I think that this would be a fun visual reminder of it, not to mention a great conversation piece for guests. Definitely an idea for the new place.


Embroidered States: I’m a very sentimental (or is it sappy?) person, so I think this is sweet. It would be fun to embroider the state and province where Stephen and I were born, then frame it to go up on our gallery wall. This would also be a fun Christmas gift.


Reese’s peanut butter banana bread: I think at least half my pins have to be food related. I saw this and pinned it immediately, but now I’m wondering why the heck I haven’t made it yet. I see this in my very near future.


Recipe on a jar: What a genius idea! I think the recipe I’d use is probably banana bread, since it’s a family recipe and I’ll never make a different recipe. This would be such a thoughtful wedding gift as well.

The only problem with writing this post is that it took me so long to get it done because I was too busy looking at more pins!

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