Monday, December 6, 2010

On Moving

First off, I drew the winners for the contest that I held last week. Out of 7 entries, I picked three winners:
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As you all now by now, last week we moved. Our apartment was great, and I absolutely adored living downtown (it had always been a dream of mine). The only problem was the size of the apartment; it was just too small. We started looking for a new place to rent when our lease was up, and in November, we found one. Confession: I didn’t see the new place until the day we moved in. Because of our conflicting work schedules, it could have taken weeks before Stephen and I could coordinate a day to go look at houses together, so when I found this place online, I told him to do what he thought was best. I trust his taste because it’s so similar to mine. Good news: I love the place.

December 5 045

{The boxes in our apartment were piled to the ceiling so that we'd have some room to walk around}

Moving day started out a little rocky. Actually, it started out rocky before moving day even arrived. We found out that we couldn’t move into the new place until December 1st, which was a Wednesday. That means we had to move out of the apartment on November 30, spreading the move job over a period of two days and essentially being without a place to live for a night. Thankfully, I have my parents here who let us stay over for the night. Stephen and I had to both take two days off work, which is always tough for me since I’m the only employee!

December 5 049December 5 050

{We had lots of help! Our old roommate came by, as well as my sister and her boyfriend and my parents.}

Like I said, the morning of the first day of the move started out rough. The guy who was supposed to pick up the truck and drive it for us never showed up, he didn’t even call! Then U-Haul called to tell us that we had to go somewhere else to pick up our truck. After finally finding someone to come over to pick up our truck, we got another call from U-Haul: If we weren’t there in 15 minutes, we’d have to wait until after 3pm to pick up the truck because they were going to take a 2 hour lunch break. After some not so nice words, we finally got our truck. After that, moving actually went quite well. We’re fast movers!
December 5 056

December 5 057

{The new place!}

I love our new place so much. We’ve moved into a townhouse that has three bedrooms. We’re using the extra rooms for a spare room and a computer/craft room. The best feature? Our very own washer and dryer! I’ve been doing so much laundry; it’s like Christmas came early! We also have enough room for a dining room table, which is huge for us because the last place didn’t have room for any sort of table.

December 5 071December 5 072

{My sister and I put together the table and chairs while the guys were out running errands}

The only downside to the place is the state that the previous tenants left it in. They didn’t do a very good job of cleaning it, but the landlord took some money off their deposit to give to us for the trouble. They also attempted to repaint over some holes and such…with entirely the wrong color! We now have to repaint quite a bit. We also think that they had either a dog or a cat (despite the fact that they weren’t allowed to), so we’re going to try and convince the landlord to replace the carpets. We don’t mind too much though, because it’s kind of fun having these little projects to do.

A proper tour of the house will come once we’re all finished setting everything up.
Do you have any moving day stories to share?

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