Friday, December 3, 2010

Guest Post: Simon’s Sista Saw

Many thanks to Sue for taking the time to write this post for me, I sincerely hope that you guys will take the time to check out her blog; she’s such a lovely person and I couldn’t recommend her blog more! I’ll be back next week to tell you all how the move went.

Whilst Angela is off busy moving (thinking of you guys!), I thought we could think ahead to her settling in to the new place, and making it feel like home. I've moved around a little bit, mainly since I've been an adult. A couple of share houses and out on my own (in Melbourne) then over to London and into another share house. I'm super lucky currently as I live in a great flat with great housemates but there are two things that really make a place feel like home to me.

Fragrance. Yep, a certain smell. Years ago (four flats ago) I fell in love with the Passion wax melt from Dusk (an Australian candle store). Ironic given the name and the relationship I was in at the time but the fragrance is just gorgeous. Ever since, it has been the fragrance I have in my house. So much so that more than one mate have commented when coming to my London flat for the first time that is smells just like my Melbourne flat. I stock up on the wax melts whenever I'm home.

Photos. Of all sorts. I have some family photos in frames on my bookshelves and window sills and scattered around the place. I also have a collection of black and white travel photos (including my home home real home, Melbourne) up on my main wall. Both collections are constantly growing but even in their current state, they're a lovely reminder of who I am, where I've come from and those who love me.

Of course, I love my bedding and my favourite mug as well. And I love it even more when friends show up with ready meals or for a cuppa - that's really the bees knees

What is it about your place that makes you feel at home?

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