Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Guest Post: Chatter

I absolutely love this post from Kara, it makes me all melty inside. Kara is an amazing Canadian girl and you really need to check out her blog!

Hey all you Craving Cupcakes followers! My name is Kara and I’m so happy to be able to guest post here on Angela’s blog. Every time I read one of her wonderful posts, it actually makes me want cupcakes :) You can find me over at my blog here.

When Angela said I could post about whatever I wanted, I had no idea what to talk about. Well, I did have some ideas but they all involved my insane wedding planning, and I’m sure you don’t want to read about my boring wedding and how hard it is to find a photographer on short-ish notice.

So, I thought I’d talk a little bit about love instead, or, more specifically, long-term love.

My boyfriend, or should I say fiancĂ©, have been together for eight years. Eight! That means we’ve been together since we were 16, and for a lot of couples, that’s a long stinkin’ time!

Most “normal” couples start getting the marriage itch after dating for a couple years. We would’ve only been 18 if that were the case, and that’s much too young to get married for me.

A lot of people asked me, “Why are you still together if he hasn’t popped the question yet? Eight years is too long to be just boyfriend and girlfriend!” Another common one is, “I’m surprised you haven’t given up yet.”

Why would anyone give up though? Sure, patience is a virtue, but if you really, truly love a person, wouldn’t they be worth the wait? I certainly thought Kyle was worth the wait. And it wasn’t because of some weird commitment phobia. Personally, I think those are a lame excuse to not want to be with someone. Our reason for waiting eight years is simply timing. We were young when we got together, went to school, started our careers and bought a house.

One of my close friends once even said to me, “Kara, after 10 years if you guys still aren’t married, you should give up.” Ridiculous! Even though I am engaged now, I would never break it off because I don’t have a ring. I’d be happy with starting a family without getting married.

So, there’s nothing wrong with waiting to get married, or not getting married at all. Just look at Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Oprah and Steadman! And come on, if Prince William and Kate Middleton could wait eight years as well, so could I!

So tell me, How long would you wait? Do you think that if it’s love, it doesn’t matter?

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