Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Unplugging & The Calgary Stampede

For most of yesterday, I unplugged myself from social media. It wasn’t intentional, but I realized just how much I needed it. I had a pretty lousy day, thanks to a number of reasons, which continued right up until I met Stephen at the mall to do some shopping. My phone had spazzed somewhere along the way and went from full battery to completely dead, so my lifeline to Twitter/Facebook/Email was cut off. I’ll usually browse one of the three while standing around waiting, but I didn’t get to do that. Once the mall closed and we finally got home, we checked the mail to find that two of our rentals were in. We decided to watch Sunshine Cleaning (good movie), but first, we needed snacks. Since we were both in our pajamas, I broke my “no pj’s out of the house rule and we walked over to Mac’s to pick something up. On our way back in the building, one of our neighbors was paying for a pizza they had ordered, which made Stephen decide that we had to order our own late night pizza. Dinner was a bust, after all. Note to self: Taco Time is crap, don’t eat there anymore. After the movie? I went straight to bed. I didn’t even write today’s blog post, like I normally do. Turns out, all I needed to lift my mood was a night with my best friend that included a whole lot of ridiculous humor, and a night away from the internet. Sure, my Google Reader is full. And yeah, I didn’t go back and fully catch up on Twitter, but I’m ok with that. Perhaps that’s my clue to unplug more often.

To make this post even longer, I’m going to share what I was originally going to write about today: my trip to the Calgary Stampede! I’ll keep it short and list the best parts.

Stampede 2010 001+Stampeding in the rain= less of a crowd. No lines for anything!
+My friend tried corndogs for the first time and she looked like she was in Heaven!

Stampede 2010 013

 Stampede 2010 035 +Stumbling onto a skating performance, only to find out that Elvis Stojko, Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir and other Olympians were skating to the tune of 80s music.
Stampede 2010 036 +Deciding last minute that we would catch Ok Go on the Coke Stage.
+Being pleasantly surprised when a group of 4 behind us completely re-enacts the treadmill dance scene, the band sees this and pulls them up on stage.

Stampede 2010 041

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