Friday, July 9, 2010

A Peek Into My Life: Part 2 (Everything Else)

Michelle requested to see an up close picture of my eyeball. I have to admit, it did make me feel a little uncomfortable, but only because she asked me if it would make me uncomfortable. I’m weird like that. Despite that, I was going to take the picture, but completely forgot. Sorry Michelle!

Sarah wanted to see a picture of my books to read/magazine stack. My book pile is rather small lately:

July 4th 038 I haven’t bought new magazines in quite some time, but my mom always gives me her stack that she’s already read:
July 4th 041

Brandi wanted to see my bookshelf. I gave away a lot of my books when I moved in with Stephen, so this is all I have left. Don’t worry, I didn’t give away any good ones!

July 8 2010 039July 8 2010 041

{The top of the shelf}

Mcaulay Mom and Amanda wanted to see my favorite place to relax, which just so happens to be my balcony:
July 4th 042 July 4th 047

Kara wanted to see the view from my balcony. You would think that I would have an amazing view because of all the time I spend out there, but it’s really nothing exciting:

July 4th 046

{The view directly in front of the chairs I sit on}

July 4th 043 July 4th 044

We’re right at the edge of the building, so these are the views right next to the chair I sit on. People walking down the sidewalk often look up and see me and there’s a bus stop across the street in front of the gas station. People waiting for the bus will often notice us and stare, which I’m not a fan of!

Brandi also wanted to see where I write my blog posts and my favorite restaurant.
I write my blog posts on the same corner of the couch (when I’m not sitting on the balcony, like right now):
July 4th 049

My favorite restaurant is Avenue Diner. Stephen describes it as upscale food at an affordable price. My favorite thing to get is the stuffed French toast, filled with Brie and apples. I took a detour to work one morning to get a picture, and I had to take it quickly, because some people were giving me the stink eye. I think this would be a fun (and unique) place to have a wedding reception… and I think I even have Stephen onboard with the idea! (No, we’re not engaged.)
July 8 2010 009

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