Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday


1. What is the worst movie you have ever seen?
I’ve seen my fair share of bad movies in my life, but the most recent one was Jennifer’s Body. I still have no idea what possessed me to watch that.

2. Do you have a favorite Disney/Pixar film?
Here’s the thing: I think that pretty much any movie that Disney/Pixar makes are gold. I’ve loved every single one that I’ve seen. This is like asking a mother to choose her favorite kid; you just don’t do that!

3. Do you have a favorite movie from the 80′s?
Adventures in Babysitting.

Adventures in Babysitting

4. Are there any movies you saw more than once in the theatre?
The only movie I think I’ve ever seen more than once in theatre in The Nanny Diaries. It wasn’t even because it was a movie that I loved so much I had to see it twice; it was because I promised to separate people that I would see it with both of them. Neither of them liked the other, so my only solution was to go twice.

5. What is one city/area of the US (or country you live if you do not live in the US) that you have not seen but would like to see?
I live in Canada, and I’ve never been to every province. Montreal, Quebec is at the top of my list, with The Maritimes in at a close second.

6. What are your favorite toppings on an Ice Cream Sundae?
I go through strange moods with my ice cream. I just finished a long stretch where I wanted absolutely nothing on my ice cream, but Stephen has gotten me back into wanting toppings. We’ve currently got chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, caramel sauce and Reece’s shell topping, but these are more so out of convenience (at least, that’s how I feel). I normally prefer a fresh homemade fruit sauce and some homemade whipped cream.

7. How many proms did you go to? What color was your prom dress? If you went to muliple proms, what color was your favorite prom dress?
We don’t really have proms here (at least, not at the high school I attended). Grad was our equivalent of prom, so I only attended once. My grad dress was a navy blue.
Guess what? I found this picture for you guys on a friend’s facebook account. This is one of my favorite pictures from Grad, simply because it shows just how crazy we all were. (Nope, we weren’t drunk. Not even a sip of alcohol at this point.)

8. Is there a sport or extra-curricular activity that you didn’t get to try as a child that you wish you would have? (e.g. gymnastics, piano lessons, ballet, etc.)
I’ve never been an athletic person, but I did wish that I had been put in music lessons, apart from what I took in school.

9. How many silblings do you have? Are you the oldest, middle, or youngest?
I’m the oldest child; I have two younger sisters (Tracy, 20 this weekend and Jessica, 19 next month).

10. Do you feel like you fit in with your age group? Or do you feel younger/older than your age group?
About 90% of the time, I feel older than most girls my age (more like an old lady, in terms of my hobbies). When I look at pictures of other girls my age and compare myself to them, I feel like I look so much younger.

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