Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things (Part 4)

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J: It takes 66 seconds to get to Regina.
Me: It takes a little bit longer than that bud.
J: Oh. It takes 4 hours.
(J has no concept of time right now, so we have many conversations similar to this)

J: Ang, do you think there are birthdays in Heaven?
Me: I bet there are lots of birthdays. Every day even!
J: There can’t be. You can’t be ten hundred one day and then have a birthday and be eleven hundred and then twelve hundred the next day.

(Looking at a container of popcorn kernels, which says that it weighs 3.6 kg)
J: Ang, there’s more than 36 in here.
Me: Yes, but it weighs 3.6 kg
J: How many do you thinks in here?
Me: Probably more than a thousand.
J: No, there’s ten hundred.

J: Ang, who do you love more, Bailey (their dog), or Stephen?
Me: Stephen.
J: Who’s cuter, Bailey or Stephen?
Me: Stephen.
J: (Grabs the dog) But look at this face! She’s so cute!

J: Where did Isaac move again? (Isaac is his best friend from preschool)
Me: Malaysia.
J: That would take a really long time to drive there.
Me: You can’t drive there, you have to fly. There’s an ocean in the way, and you can’t drive over the ocean!
J: Well, you’d have to park your car and swim.
Me: It’s too far to swim, you can’t do it.
J: Someone might steal your car and then it would be really hard to get home.
Me: You’re funny.
J: No! You’re funny!

J: In some other cities, it’s night time right now. Like in Regina.
Me: Actually, it’s night time in cities farther away than that, like where Isaac moved.
J: Do you think his plane ride is over yet?
Me: Yes. (He moved to Malaysia last year.)
J: Maybe not. You said it would take a long time.

(The first ever appearance of my Friday kids! They were talking about how to scare away bees.)

D: I’ll turn into a dinosaur and Rawr them away.
T: But how will you turn into a dinosaur?
D. It takes some minutes.
T: (Waits patiently for about a minute) I don’t see anything!
D: It takes five minutes!!

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