Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Peek Into My Life (Part 1: The Kitchen)

I’ve decided to break this post up into 2 parts, so that I don’t overwhelm you with pictures. We’re starting off with my kitchen!

Ashley wanted to see a picture of my kitchen:


{I had to throw in a picture of my “barista station”!}

I am seriously in love with my kitchen. We’ve got a fair amount of cupboard/storage space (that we’ve filled up), and the appliances are all like new. I also love the colors. While it may seem unexciting to some, I’ve always loved Black and White, so this is fantastic for a rental in my opinion.

Kim wanted to see our utensil drawer. We have 4 of them actually, two for every day cooking and two for my baking stuff.

July 4th 017

{The every day drawers}

July 4th 018 July 4th 019

{Everything is usually this messy. We’re awesome like that.}

July 4th 023 {Everything laid out, in case you’re curious like that.}

July 4th 020

{My baking drawers.}

July 4th 021 July 4th 022
{Utensils on the left; miscellaneous decorating supplies on the right.}

Holly and Brandi wanted to see inside our fridge, so I’m giving you a two for one deal: The fridge and freezer!
July 4th 003

July 4th 006 July 4th 005

July 4th 007


July 4th 009 July 4th 010
July 4th 011 July 4th 012

This fridge is seriously amazing. There is so much room to store things, and I feel like we’re incredibly lucky to have a full sized fridge vs. an apartment sized one (like in our last apartment). When we move some day, I am going to miss this fridge so dang much!
We find that the freezer isn’t big enough, we also have a small deep freezer in our front hallway, where our washer/dryer would have gone if our apartment came with the machines.

Part 2 will come on Friday. Let me know if you have any questions about anything!

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