Friday, July 16, 2010

8 Questions

Earlier this week, I was tagged by Mel ( to do a fun little meme!

Rules: Answer 8 questions given by the one who tagged you | Create 8 new questions | Pass the tag to others who must answer your questions

1. If you could spend the rest of your life doing only one thing, what would it be?
Baking, obviously. In my own bakery of course.

2. What's the best thing you can bake/cook?
When it comes to baking, I’m not sure what my specialty is; it depends on who you ask. Top contenders are: Espresso banana chocolate chip muffins, Banana bread, Chocolate Macaroons, Chocolate chip cookies and Bobby Flay’s German Chocolate Cake.
When it comes to cooking, I make an awesome slow cooker beef chilli. I think I may need to post the recipe whenever I make it next!

3.What household chore is your LEAST favorite?
Lately, I’ve really hated cleaning out the Guinea Pig cage. The cage is so big that it’s difficult for me to clean alone without making a mess.

4.If you could bring three things to a deserted island, what would they be?
An oven, baking utensils and ingredients.

5.What's the next big thing that you are thinking about splurging on?
Right now, I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that we’ll be getting any time soon. The last big (ish) purchase was my camera. A big purchase for us is usually anything over $100. It might sound silly, but that’s how life is when you don’t have a lot of extra cash!

6.What would you do if you won the lottery and you only had one day to spend your winnings?
Assuming I could start early in the day, I’d do stuff like pay off debt, go on a shopping spree and then take all of my friends and family out for a fabulous meal. This would include flying in relatives (who are all close enough to make it here in a few short hours).

7.Post a current photo. If you wish to remain elusive, an abstract or close up will do just fine.
This isn’t the best, but it’s the most recent (besides one I’ve already posted here). I don’t have many pictures of myself that were taken recently. I was bored and decided to take pictures while waiting for the train.
Natasha's Wedding 001

8.If you could have ANY pet EVER, what/who would it be?
This is going to be boring, but I want an English Bulldog SO BAD. Any time I see one anywhere, I squeal and say “Look Stephen! It’s my puppy!”

I tag: Andi @Fuegita Bonita, Hayley @Blue Eyed Blonde, Kim @Blair’s Girls, Matt and Ashley @Double Shot of Texas, Brandi @Brandilicious, Kim @Perfectly Cursed Life, Sarah @SoJo & Co, and Sue @Simon’s Sista Saw.

Here are my 8 questions:

1. What’s your must-have summer item?
2. What’s your favorite summer TV show?
3. You just found out that you have guests coming over for dinner in 2 hours. What do you feed them? (Dinner and dessert)
4. Do you still watch cartoons?
5. Do you know your neighbors? (If so, are you friends with them?)
6. How long is your commute to work? (Or school, if you don’t work)
7. How many times have you moved in your life?
8. What’s your favorite coffee shop type drink?

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