Friday, November 5, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 19)

1. My latest WonderBra mission is to Rediscover My Happiness by volunteering. I’ve been trying desperately to arrange something, but to get something together that falls within my timeline has been proving difficult. I have an idea in mind, and I’m just trying to rally a friend or two together to help me out with it. Stay tuned for that post, hopefully next week.

2. I never talked about what I did on Halloween! It was a relatively low key night for us; we invited my sister and our old roommate and his girlfriend over for a game night. No one dressed up, but I plan on having a party next year to make up for that fact.

3. When I got home from work Tuesday night, Stephen declared it date night. He wanted to go out for dinner and rent the movie Date Night. You see, it’s been on our Zip List, in the number one spot since we signed up for the site, but we still hadn’t received it. Stephen was finally desperate enough for it that he decided we would stop at Blockbuster and rent it. After going out for Mexican food, I checked my email to find that Zip sent me an email to say that they’ve shipped Date Night. After we had already rented it at Blockbuster. Just our luck. It was hilarious though, and definitely worth it.

4. I found Supernatural Season 1 at the library, and I’m now officially hooked on the show. We won’t talk about the fact that I managed to watch the entire season in one week, in order to get it back before the due date.

5. Stephen took down all of the pictures/art and the DVD shelves in our apartment. It feels naked now.

6. The landlord has been bringing people by to see the apartment, and I have to be here because he doesn’t have a key to the building. When the potential tenants start asking me questions, I feel like a have to lie about the bad stuff so I don’t mess things up for our landlord. It’s awkward.

7. Yesterday, I baked cupcakes at work. Then, I invited my nanny friend and her kids over, and we ate some. I wish I could do that every day.

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