Monday, October 3, 2011


I’ve always loved typography. You can ask my parents; I’ve loved words and everything related since I was a young girl. Lately though, that love has really blossomed, but I have no idea when my specific love for ampersands started. Whenever I find one that I like, I clip it out and stash it somewhere in my craft room. There’s just something about those curves that inspire me.

October 3 062

This one is stashed on a little shelf with other random bits and pieces, on the edge of a postcard from my blog friend Sue.

October 3 064

This ampersand was clipped from the side of a paper bag from the restaurant that Stephen works at. It resides on my magnetic bulletin board above my craft desk. (Sorry for the language on the pink picture, but it’s really funny!)


Even the background on my laptop is filled with ampersands. Not a whole lot of people understand my love of this curvy symbol. I went to girls night on Friday, and my friends all teased me for loving it, and for even knowing what the official name for it is.


I’ve been wanting to incorporate my love of ampersands into my household decor. Ever since I saw the above picture on Pinterest, I’ve been in love with the idea of having a giant ampersand as a statement piece. Not knowing where on earth I would find one (or if I would ever be able to afford it), I set that idea on the back burner. While out with a friend a couple of weeks ago, I did find an affordable solution.

October 3 053

It’s not the giant ampersand that I wanted, but it’s still rather big; coming up to about knee height. I’m so glad that Stephen is on board with my crazy love, which means I was able to snatch it right up and hang it right in the living room so that I can admire it.

Here’s what I want to know: do you like ampersands? Or how about a different symbol? Did you even know that it was called an ampersand, or did you just refer to it as an “and sign” like my friends do?

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