Friday, October 14, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 57)

1. Even this has only been on a 4 day work week, it has felt so long. I don’t know what it is, but I just feel like I haven’t been getting enough sleep. Combine that with a baby going through a ton of changes all at once, then you’ve got one heck of a fussy week.

2. These changes I’m talking about? No more army crawling; he’s finally perfected true hands and knees crawling. He’s also learned how to pull himself up in his crib, so that means no more crying it out while laying down. Nope, it’s full on screaming while bouncing around. Then there’s the ever present teething, and I’ve been seeing the first stages of clinginess. He’ll start crying when I’m out of sight. Always fun.

3. Good news though, I got a raise from both of my nanny families! I’m so thankful that one has already taken effect, and the other starts at the beginning of November. Just in time for Christmas shopping.

4. I finally filled the last frame on my gallery wall. It’s been empty for so long because I just couldn’t figure out what to stick there; nothing seemed good enough! I borrowed this idea from Pinterest (of course), and just stuck some buttons on a paper in Roy G. Biv order, then stamped Smile underneath. Easy enough!


5. I made a yarn wreath last night for our front door. My original idea didn’t work out, so in the end, I ended up copying another idea. I think it looks pretty good, especially for my first ever yarn wreath. I just wish our neighbors would get in the Halloween spirit and decorate. They don’t put any outside decorations up for any holidays. How boring!

6. Stephen has switched back to night shifts for the next couple of weeks. This means that I haven’t truly seen him since Monday! He does wake me up when he gets home from work, but that’s only for a minute or two. He typically comes to bed about an hour or so before I wake up. I’m definitely not a fan of night shifts, but I he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. It just means that my nights are rather lonely now.

7. So far, the only weekend plans that we’ve made is having some friends over for lunch and then we’ll go see a movie. I’m hoping to also get in some crafting time. What are your plans for the weekend?

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