Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Have I mentioned how much I love my Keurig? It’s true, I really do. You see, when I first wake up in the morning, my klutziness is enhanced, to the point where at times, I stumble around like I’m drunk. That’s half the reason why I can’t just wake up and get ready to leave for work; I need time for the klutziness to wear off. With my regular coffee maker, I was constantly making a mess. I always bought whole coffee beans, so I was consistently spilling them (once they had been ground) all over the place. It wasn’t a pretty sight. Then, last year, I started with my Friday Family, and was introduced to the world of one cup coffee makers. They have a fancy Nespresso machine, and while it’ll always be my one true love, it was a bit out of my price range. Luckily, I have the most amazing boyfriend who surprised me one day while we were out shopping with the chance to buy a Keurig. It was affordable, and exactly what I needed.

October 5 021

I can’t even tell you how amazing my Keurig is. I wake up in the morning, stick a K-Cup into the machine (no mess!) and my coffee is done brewing in just seconds (versus the long minutes it would take with a regular coffee maker). I have a little “coffee station” where all of my coffee related items reside in the kitchen. It no longer gets as messy as it used to.

October 5 020

I love getting to pick out my K-Cups. I always order mine online, because I like the variety, and I feel like the price is better than that I can find in stores around here. I’m starting to run low on the variety of K-Cups that I have, but these have been some of my recent favorites:

October 5 023

I don’t have a fancy K-Cup tree, so instead, I just store all of my cups in a basket right next to my Keurig. Easy and accessible!

October 5 030

Speaking of ordering K-Cups online, I recently came across this site, One Cup Connection. They have some of the best prices on the web, offering 24 count boxes of K-Cups for just $12.99.  Visit the K-Cups page to see the wide variety they carry. On the down side, they only ship in the U.S. But for my readers in the U.S., One Cup Connection is offering you a 10% discount. Use the discount code BLOGS to receive 10% off brewers, K-Cups and more! Discount cannot be combined with other offers.  Expires 12/31/2012

Here’s the deal: I wasn’t paid or compensated in anyway for sharing this discount code. I wanted to share this code with others who may be looking to buy a Keurig, or some more K-Cups, because I am always open to new suggestions for places to shop for K-Cups. All of the opinions in this post are truly mine, in fact, I wasn’t even told what to write. I just truly love my Keurig that much. In fact, I was drinking a Jet Fuel K-Cup as I wrote this post!

Do you own a Keurig? If so, what are your favorite K-Cups? If you don’t own a Keurig, what coffee machine do you own (if any)?

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