Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blogging Through My School Years: Grade One

You can find kindergarten here.

The first few years of my schooling all run together, so I’m having a hard time remember what happens when. As a result, the first couple of posts are going to be short and sweet.

I was pretty into trolls dolls, so naturally I was pretty excited when my mom bought me a little brown paper bag filled with gumballs that had pictures of trolls printed on them. So excited in fact, that I wanted to share them with my friends at school, and practically ran the whole way there. Only to find out that we had the day off school. Apparently my mom and I didn’t get the memo. I was so upset that I ate the entire bag of gumballs.

There was a girl in my class named Sally, who couldn’t pronounce yellow properly; she pronounced it as “lellow”. One of my biggest pet peeves, even as a child, is when people pronounce things incorrectly. (Yes, I realize that I mispronounce things as well, but sometimes pet peeves are irrational.) Obviously, her pronouncing it as “lellow” drove me crazy! However, I never told anyone this because I was so jealous of Sally’s gorgeous long, black hair. Why those two things are related to each other, I’ll never know.

I remember having cooking days in class, where each student had a chance to help cook something that they often ate at home. Thinking back on this, I remember the kids being the ones who cooked, but I realize that kids in grade one can’t cook! I’m sure the kid’s parents would come in help. While this ended up being one of my favorite things to do in class, I never participated in the cooking aspect of it.

Reflecting back on all of this, I’ve come to realize I was an odd child!

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