Monday, February 15, 2010

How Do You Party?

Maybe this is going to sound a little bit ridiculous but…I have no idea what people do at parties. Seriously.
Stephen and I were planning out our menu for our Fiesta party coming up on Saturday night, when all of a sudden, I realized I had nothing planned to do with with our guests. I mean sure, we’ll eat. But what do we do in between all of the eating? It’s funny because I have parties all the time. Or rather, get-togethers. We almost always end up playing the same game every time:


(Image via Google Image Search

And while ridiculously fun, it’s getting a bit old amongst my group of friends. This is where you guys come in. I need suggestions for party games. The only catch? I can’t go out and buy a new game. Drinking games are also out of the question, because it’s really not our thing.
Please don’t judge. Stephen and I are still amazed that we don’t know what to do, especially since I’m big into planning parties, and we do both go out to parties. I suppose we’re just in a party rut. Help!
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