Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Week In Review

I can't believe another week has flown by!

-Got a call Monday morning that C-Bear has the flu. I was given the option of taking the day off, but I just couldn't afford it. She wasn't displaying H1N1 symptoms anyway, just the good old fashioned flu.

-Tuesday morning I show up to work, and Jay-Z is sick with the flu as well. I start worrying a bit more, because I just cannot get sick, there's too much work for me to do in the upcoming weeks.

-Wednesday I have the day off work, but I wake up feeling the onset of a cold; awesome. I go out with a friend anyway, and then we both come back and pack up my kitchen.

-Thursday morning I head into work to find AZ (again, these are just nicknames for my nanny kids, so I don't reveal their real names) has the flu. He has it the worst of the week, and spends the entire day in bed. Before leaving for work, the Dad tells me it will be a short day and he'll be home around 2pm. 2pm rolls around and there's no Dad and no call from him. He doesn't have his phone, so I can't call him. Long story short, the Mom beats him home at 6:15pm! I don't mind working that late, the only thing that bothered me was that he didn't call me to tell me he wouldn't be coming home when he thought.

-Friday I had the day off, and was intending to spend the day packing. I was feeling even more sick, so I didn't accomplish much. My parents came over to help out though...they took us to buy a couch (used) and we filled up the U-Haul and moved over a load to the new condo. The couch wouldn't fit in the elevator, so we had to figure out another way in. Our balcony opens out onto the roof of a store, so Stephen and my Dad parked the U-Haul right by the store (in the alley), climbed on top and hoisted the couch up onto the roof. Thank goodness the couch wasn't that heavy. There is another balcony that opens up onto the store roof (our next door neighbor) and as it was about 10pm, the guy living there comes out and wants to know what on earth we are doing. He doesn't realize that the previous tenant of our condo has moved out, so he is concerned about what we're doing. He gets upset, understandably so, swears a bit and heads back inside. The guys get the couch into the condo as fast as possible. Stephen wants to apologize at some point today, and I think I might bake some cookies for the guy as well. Can't hurt, right?

-Saturday is the actual day that we plan to move. I'm feeling worse, but not bad enough that I can't help move. Everything went pretty well, we had everything moved into the condo by about 1pm. My family stick around, as we had promised to buy them dinner, and they help us with some unpacking. By the time dinner rolls around, I'm feeling super tired (I couldn't fall asleep until 3am the night before, and had to be up at 8am that morning), add to that the fact that I'm not feeling well and top it all off with my stubborn and opinionated family (who I love, don't get me wrong), and you'll have a really impatient and grumpy Angela. After a pep talk from Stephen and a few tears from me, we decided that I just needed to rest and stop unpacking for a while. We ate some supper and my family headed home. Stephen and I didn't really do anymore unpacking last night, except for uncovering his computer and my laptop and setting them up.

-Today I wake up and my cold feels worse than yesterday. I'm not quite sure it's at the point where I will have to call in sick tomorrow (it's hard taking the day off when you're the only employee). The plans for the day include a trip next door to The Great Canadian Bagel for a bagel (obviously), and then we're going to head to Wal Mart to pick up a few necessary items. We're hunting for bar stools, a medicine cabinet (how does this place not have one?), a few frames, a shelf and a few things to hang pictures. We're looking for quite a bit, so I won't be surprised if we only come home with the picture related items and a shelf. We're also going to unpack more (and fill up my walk in closet), and after all of that, I'll be able to judge more accurately whether or not I'll need to call in sick tomorrow.

I've missed my blog this week, but I have been trying to keep up with reading other blogs when I wake up in the morning! Hopefully this week will be back to normal and I'll have the time to post more often!
Have a great Sunday and a fabulous week friends!


  1. Hope you get better and it never hurts to get checked out just to make sure!!!;/ If you have a place like a Garden Ridge or something like that they have everything for decorating!! Good luck!

  2. bleh, taking care of sick kids that aren't even yours... YOU deserve a cookie! i've been downing vitamin C all season because it seems like everyone is sick around me. i haven't succumbed yet *knocks on wood!*

    hope this week is less sick and more awesome :)


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