Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Can't Live Without

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While sitting here thinking about the things I can't live without, I figured this post can go two ways: I could either show my human side and list off all of the material things that I can't live without, or I could sit here and try and make up some really awesome answers that make me seem like such a humble person. Haha, right. I'm only human, and there are material possessions that I will have a hard time living without. So I'm going to be real about this and share with you the things I feel I can't live without.

1. Coffee: I need coffee to get going in the morning. Anyone that works with kids will probably tell you the same thing.

2. My cell phone: I check it (what feels like) every five minutes. I can text, call, use twitter and check Facebook. Bottom line: I can stay socially connected to the world.

3. My laptop: I've actually only had it for a couple of weeks, but I already can't live without it. While talking with Stephen last night, he reminded me that when we move there's a possibility that we'll be without TV and internet for a couple of days...and I had a mild heart attack. Then I remembered that I have internet on my phone and all was right in the world again.

4. Stephen: This is probably incredibly sappy, but I just can't live without Stephen. We talk all the time, he calls me during breaks at work and even while he's walking home from see me. This will probably change one day, but for right now, I love it.
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