Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

For the past couple of weeks, I haven't been too happy with the person who posts the Ten on Tuesday meme. While I am sure that she's a lovely person, I find that her answers are often incomplete and posted much later in the day. If it weren't for the fact that she puts up the idea for Ten on Tuesday a week ahead of time, I would probably be posting Ten on Wednesday. I like being able to link up to the post and read other people's answers when I can, but more often than not I can't because the post isn't up before I leave for work. That being said, I stumbled upon a blog when it was linked through another blog I read. I discovered Chelsea of Roots and Rings, and found that she had created her own Ten on Tuesday. I figured I might give this one a try to see how I like it!

Ten on Tuesday

1. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

For most of my childhood, I wanted to be, without a doubt, a teacher. When I reached high school, I was introduced to the idea of Music Therapy and wanted to be a music therapist. Once I started to seriously research this profession, I realized it wouldn't be for me after all. I then wavered between wanting to be an anthropologist and a social worker for quite some time. Now I'm undecided. I may just throw away all of that and open my own bakery. Who knows!

2. Name 3 of your irrational fears:

A) Stephen will leave me.
B) I will become homeless.
C) I will lose everyone that I love.
Hey, she did say irrational!

3. If you had a $200 gift card to any store, what would you want it to be? (Nothing responsible allowed, can't be used for groceries or anything.)

This is honestly a tough one! I can only narrow my choices down to 2: Williams Sonoma or WalMart. The only reason why WalMart is even in the running if because I can get more for less.

4. What is your most (blog friendly) embarrassing moment?

Some days I feel like a walking embarrassment, so it's hard to pick just one! To save myself from reliving awful past memories, I'll share one that I can actually laugh at now: When I was in Jr. High, there was this girl named Sasha who hated me. One night, I was dancing with my sisters, on my bed, while listening to the Spice Girls. Apparently Sasha had been walking down my street and unbeknownst to me, had seen us through the window. The next day at school, she made fun of me in front of my friends and hers. Luckily, none of my friends even cared!

5. If you were only allowed to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

I'm going to have to say potatoes. I can make perogies and french fries out of them, which are two of my favorite things to eat!

6. What was your favorite toy growing up?

I tried really hard to think about toys from my childhood, but none of them really stood out to me. I'm going to have to be lame sauce and say my imagination. Some of my fondest memories are of the games that we had made up ourselves: plays that I directed in the backyard, "Drive By" and Power Rangers. We were awesome.

7. Do you have a "go to" outfit? What is it?

Mine is rather lame, but it works for me at the moment. Jeans and a black, 3/4 length sleeve, knit shirt. I seriously need to overhaul my wardrobe. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a girl, you guys would be amazed at my lack of clothes. Thank goodness I'm a nanny and don't need to worry about my clothes at work the same way other people might.

8. Who was the best teacher you ever had?

Mrs. Dalton, grade 3. She genuinely cared about her students. She made us small gifts at Christmas and had a "sticky note" reward system implemented.

9. If you could buy any car right now (something at least SORT OF within the realm of reality…so, you know, a Rolls Royce may not qualify), what would it be?

I'm just so sick of Calgary Transit that I'd settle for almost any car. Since I'm not as picky about this sort of thing as Stephen is, I'd go ahead and let him pick out his dream truck: Dodge Ram.

10. How do you reckon that Chelsea comes up with 10 of these questions every week? It was hard! What’s your theory on how she’s so creative? Are you going to help her?

To be honest, I don't even know Chelsea, I just found her blog the other day! Maybe she uses the almighty Google to find her ideas! And if she asked me for help, then I'd help her.


  1. I am asking you for help! I'd love for yall to submit questions so I don't have to come up with 10 creative things each week!

    I agree with the imagination thing. Imaginations are so much better than toys.

  2. I'll come up with some questions and then get them to you! :)


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