Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Surprise Party

This past Sunday was my 26th birthday. If you remember this post, then you’ll remember that I was less than enthused about it. I had been trying to plan something with my friends and family, but they all kept turning me down, telling me that they would have to make it up to me later in the month. I eventually settled on having Stephen take me out to dinner, and a friend invited me over for lunch.

Lunch was really good. It was with one of my really good friends (who’s birthday is the day before mine) and her 2 year old twins. It was nice having that time out of the house. She drove me home after lunch, so that I could get my present from Stephen, then go out to dinner. Stephen met me out at the van, with a scarf that he used as a blindfold. He brought me in and surprised me with a desk and chair for the corner of our living room. I hadn’t picked one out, but wanted one because I felt our living room was incomplete. When I went to give him a hug, it was then that I noticed everyone else. Turns out, Stephen had planned me a little surprise party! Both of my sisters were there (with their boyfriends), my friend Izel as well as my other friend and her twins. All that time I spent sad that no one would hang out with me was just silly, they were all just trying to keep a secret from me!

February 7 009{He even surprised me with a cake from my favorite cupcake bakery; complete with ridiculous pet name.}

Stephen then brought me upstairs to our bedroom for one last surprise: a new bedframe, two nightstands and a dresser! We’ve been needing a new bedroom set for ages, but I figured we would have to wait a few months yet for it. While I was out at lunch, Stephen was at home trying to build all of the furniture as quickly as possible. He didn’t get the dresser done in time, but it didn’t matter to me. I was just thrilled that Stephen took the time and effort to do this for me! Can you believe that he had been planning this since over Christmas vacation? I did notice some things out of the ordinary, like more texts than normal and some very strange phone calls, but I still didn’t suspect what he was actually doing. In the end, I had a fantastic birthday, surrounded by those who love me.

I want to share pictures of the snazzy new furniture we got, but I’m going to wait until I have time to finish setting things up fully. Has anyone ever thrown you a surprise party?

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