Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In a Funk

My 26th birthday is only eleven days away. Normally, this is a really exciting thing for me, as it means that I have an excuse to get friends together. I've usually already been planning some sort of celebration for a few weeks now. Nothing too exciting, just a nice dinner out or a get together at my house.

For some reason, this year is different. I'm not typically one to get depressed about turning another year older, but something is different this year. Thinking of my birthday is making me kind of sad, and I don't have anything planned. I have halfheartedly tried to put something together, but my friends and family are all too busy to see me, asking instead if we can do something later in the month. I think that this is exactly why I'm so unenthusiastic about my birthday this year; my friends are so difficult to get together. I can only try so many times before I give up.

Instead of a birthday celebration, I've opted to have a nice dinner with Stephen, and the sister (and her boyfriend) that lives with me. I couldn't even think of a restaurant that I wanted to eat at; nothing has sounded appealing. I've settled on The Keg, unless something better pops up in the next week and a bit.

I'm tired of feeling this way, so I need to do something to shake myself of this feeling. Have you ever been in a pre-birthday funk? What did you do to get yourself out of it?
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