Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

After a less than stellar week last week, I was more than ready for the weekend.
Stephen and I started off our weekend by taking our Little Brother to a Hitmen hockey game.

Actually, let's go to just before that. I met Stephen and LB at the train station, where Stephen informed me that he left his iPhone on the bus. Obviously, we were both rather upset by this, but there wasn't much we could do. Soon after telling me though, i received a phone call...from Stephen's phone! I had texted him just before meeting up with him, and the man that found his phone figured he would try calling me to see if I could get Stephen his phone. I was so relieved to get that call! We headed right over to that man's house and got the phone back. I'm so thankful that there are good, honest people out there!
Now that that ordeal was over, we were able to head to the game and have a good time. It was LB's first hockey game, so he was very excited, and full of questions! The hockey game was definitely not dull, as it was full of fights. Only at a hockey game would I ever point out a fight to a kid and tell them how awesome it is, ha! The Hitmen won; 5-1.
Saturday and Sunday were low key days. I did, however, get some baking in on Sunday. It's been forever since I've tried out some new recipes, so I was glad to get in the kitchen. I made some amazing brownies....
...that was topped with these Reese's peanut butter cups. Recipe to come soon.
I also made some caramel pretzel popcorn bars that are amazing to snack on.
Overall, it was a pretty good weekend! What did you do over the weekend?
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