Monday, January 16, 2012

My Life in Instagrams

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some of my Instagram photos, so I thought I would do just that. I love using Instagram for every day picture taking with my iPhone. It’s so convenient, and a great app for keeping connected with other friend’s photos.
Side note: I’ve downloaded an app to help me attempt to do a 365 photo challenge. I tried it last year, but failed miserably. I’m hoping that this app will help me out, since you can set it to give you daily reminders. I don’t know if I’ll be sharing those photos here, but they may pop up occasionally!
Zoo Lights
Stephen and I took our Little Brother to Zoo Lights just after Christmas. This has always been one of my favorite light displays. Those monkeys you see up above actually move across that rope!
Christmas Decorations
This was a small sampling of my Christmas tree decorations as I was taking them down after Christmas. I realized that they perfectly represent me, and the things I love: Paris, Coffee/Starbucks, travel and cupcakes!
Cupcake Mug
Speaking of Christmas and cupcakes, I received this cupcake mug as a gift! The funny thing is, Stephen and I saw it in Walmart just before Christmas, and I told him that I just knew someone in my family was going to buy it for me as a gift. Good guess, hey?
Not too long ago, I finally bought the Nespresso machine I’ve been coveting for ages. This was my very first shipment of Nespresso pods. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning opening up all of those little boxes!
Tree Hugger
I found this bag tucked away in my closet, and used it to carry Christmas presents to work. I received it one year, from an old nanny family that had used it to hold all of my Christmas gifts. That bag has been put to good use.
That same nanny family brought me back a little gift from their vacation over Christmas this year. In case you can’t read it in the picture, it’s black popcorn kernels that pop snow white. They’re pretty awesome, and much crunchier than the regular popcorn we buy.
Cleaning Toys
A little glimpse of one of my chores as a nanny. Baby E’s grandma had brought him a bunch of toys that she had collected from garage sales over the summer, and they needed a good cleaning since they were dirty. A quick run through the dishwasher saved me a bunch of hands on cleaning time.
Movie Coupons
Two weekends ago, Stephen and I took our Little Brother to the movies to see TinTin. Luckily, we had some movie coupons that made the night a bit cheaper!
Downtown Calgary
This is a view of downtown Calgary this past weekend. We brought our Little Brother downtown to grab some lunch on our way to Tommy K Play. I miss living downtown.
Tuxedo Cake
Definitely one of my favorite recent pictures: Stephen’s birthday cake. It’s a Tuxedo cake. I normally adorn it with chocolate covered strawberries, but they’re expensive this time of year, so I left them off. They certainly weren’t missed, and the chocolate ganache looked perfect all on it’s own.
What have you taken photos of lately?
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