Friday, January 6, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol 64)

1. I’ve only worked 3 days (including today) this week, yet I feel like time has been dragging. I guess it’s that post holiday limbo. It’s always hard going to back to work after 2 weeks off.
2. I took down the Christmas decorations last weekend, and quickly realized that our living room was lacking in light. We hadn’t noticed until now, because we’ve had Christmas lights up since we moved in. It finally started driving us nuts, so we went to Walmart for a quick fix. 3 lamps, on sale for only $39? Yes, please! They’re cheap enough that we won’t feel guilty about replacing them someday, if needed.
3. Stephen’s Mom stayed with us over the holidays, and just went back home on Wednesday. The house is feeling a little bit lonelier now.
4. Oh, and Bailey (the dog) went home on Tuesday. We were dogsitting her for my old Nanny family, and I never expected to be so sad when she left. She holds a special place in my heart, and in fact, always has. I would love nothing more than to get a dog of my own, but we’re not allowed dogs here. I can’t wait until the day we finally buy a house.
5. Stephen’s birthday is coming up this weekend; he’ll be turning 25! (We’ll be the same age for about a month!) We’re keeping his birthday celebrations low key and just inviting a few friends over for dinner and cake. He’s requested that I make a tuxedo cake, so I think I better start working on that!
6. We’re taking our Little Brother out to the movies this weekend. He wants to see Chipwrecked, Stephen wants to see Tin Tin and I want to see We Bought a Zoo. We’re still trying to figure out which one to see based on show times….I’m hoping that my choice will win out!
7. My youngest sister Jessica is moving in this weekend. She’s had bad experiences with roommates, so Stephen and I offered to let her live with us for a while. We can’t help her move in though, because we’ll be attending Baby E’s first birthday party! That’s right, the adorable little baby that I started nannying for at 3 months old just turned one yesterday! I can’t believe how fast time passes these days.
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