Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Joys of Having a Roommate

(The title of this post is completely sarcastic by the way.)

Before I moved out, I lived in my own little fantasy world. In this fantasy world, I believed that when I finally moved away from home, I would move in with one or two of my very best friends and we would have fun all the time. I refused to believe that I might face the possibility of moving in with someone I don't know.

The time for me to move out finally rolled around and I was pretty excited. I was going to be moving in with my boyfriend and his roommate. I figured that this was ok because I already sort of knew the roommate and it couldn't be that bad, could it?

Yeah, that's what happens when you live in a fantasy world, you're delusional.

Living with my boyfriend has been perfectly ok. Sure he has his flaws, but I have mine, and we love each other so we work around those flaws and all is right in the world. When it comes to a roommate, that's not the case. There are things about him that are driving me mad and making me want to leave. Stephen and I are actually moving out alone in December, but that has been the plan since before I moved in.
In no particular order, here are the joys of living with my roommate:

-I cook something, and he'll eat all my leftovers, even though he also cooked something that day and has leftovers as well. He always eats it in the middle of the night while I'm sleeping. I've resorted to telling him not to eat my leftovers.

- He'll cook a big pot of something, enough to feed several people, all for himself, but then he'll leave it sitting on the stove all night/most of the next day and I'll have to throw it out. What a waste of food! I've resorted to putting it in the fridge myself.

-He doesn't clean. He'll occasionally do the dishes and will clean his bathroom when I make Stephen ask him to. (we have two bathrooms, one in my bedroom and one not. There are times that his bathroom is so gross I make guests use the bathroom in my room)

- He drinks all day long and I have found him, once or twice, passed out on the floor in the living room.

-He started seeing this girl that I have a mutual friend with. She seems nice enough, except for the fact that she's extremely loud. She was over last night. My bedroom door opens up into the living room pretty much, so if someone is being loud, I can hear them. I had to take a sleeping pill last night in order to force myself to fall asleep so that I could be rested for work today. I'm exhausted anyway.

Last night's events are what prompted me to write this post. My roommate can be a pretty good guy and has his times where he's nice, but sometimes a girl's just gotta vent, ya know?
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