Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things I'm Lusting After...

I stumbled across a new blog today (MadeByGirl), and I spent approximately an hour reading through entries. I'm in love with all of the photos that she posts there about decorating. I've got the decorating bug, and I've got it bad. I need to restrain myself though....we're moving in December and we need to save money for a damage deposit. Not spend it all on fantastic art. Ugh.I figured that since I can't buy all of the stuff I want right this very minute, I would share my
favorites with you. Aren't you lucky?
My number one favorite is from YeeHaw. How perfect is this? Hellooooo! I LOVE cupcakes! It would look so good in my (future) kitchen. I'd bake cupcakes all day long and mail them all to my blogging friends if I got this picture.

This one is also perfect for me. I read blogs every morning while drinking coffee, and I do really truly love you! (There's also one for tea drinkers.) There's a few other things in this shop that I love too....find it all here, in MadeByGirl's shop.

This one from dazeychic is fantastic. She has quite a few good ones, but this one is my number one.

This last one is actually a Christmas gift idea. My best friend Rebekka lives in New Brunswick, so we're often writing each other and sending post cards. I thought this pillow would be a super cute comes the task of figuring out what to write on it! There are a ton of other cute pillows in Olive's shop.

Now please excuse me while I go back to MadeByGirl and browse through the archives while dreaming about decorating the future new apartment.

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  1. oh man i totally have the decorating bug too! but like you we are hoping to be moving in the next 6 months so i have to hold off. i love every single one of these though..i don't even know if i could pick a favorite! off to check out the etsy sights!


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