Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Light the Night 2009

My roommate is awake early, playing computer games. He has thrown my entire morning routine of coffee drinking and blog reading completely out of whack and I may never recover. But let's be realistic here, this is a guy who works from 4pm-midnight (or later), so he often stays up rather late and then sleeps till about 3pm. So for me to see him awake at 8am, it threw me off track, ok?
And to top it all off, today's Ten on Tuesday is asking me to list my ten favorite athletes. I don't even think I could name ten athletes, let alone my ten favorite. Fabulous.

So instead, I'll recap the Light the Night Walk that happened this past Thursday, with a list of my ten favorite things that happened that night:

1. Free pizza and coffee. I ran out of time and skipped dinner, so showing up and finding out the pizza was free made the Night better. And who doesn't love a free caffeine fix? It was even good coffee, not cheap crap!

2. Storm Troopers showed up. I kid you not! A family dressed up in memory of their young son who passed away, so while I was tearing up during the realization of that, I was simultaneously in awe of them.

3. The balloons actually lit up this year! During the walk, everyone carries a balloon that's supposed to light up, last year there were problems with the lights and that didn't happen.

4. My team raised over $700! Everyone kept telling me they didn't raise a lot of money, so I wasn't even expecting us to break the $300 mark.

5. We got a free team banner. Last year, you had to raise a certain amount of money to get a team banner, and we had fallen just short of that amount. This year, the banners were free and we got to decorate one!

6. Free roses. White roses were handed out to people who were walking in memory of someone who passed on. My teammates and I all received one, but they left theirs at my apartment.

7. Meeting up with a random friend. Ok, so maybe she's not that random, but I wasn't expecting to see her at the walk.

8. Honks of appreciation. We walked along a path that was next to a busy road during part of the route, so we had plenty of people honking and shouting their appreciation!

9. Actually completing the walk. Just before the walk started, it got incredibly windy and cold. I was only wearing a sweater, so I was not prepared for this weather. Around the 3K turn off route, I seriously contemplated taking it and ending the walk early. Luckily my friends encouraged me to stick it out and we did the whole 5K.

10. Games night! After the walk, everyone came over to my apartment for a victory bbq and game party. I naked cupcakes and cookies, we bbq'd hot dogs, and we played a ridiculously loud game of Cranium.

It was a very successful walk this year, and I'm already looking forward to next years walk!

(So I wrote this post at around 9am and I'm just now posting it, around 10:30pm. I really need to enable mobile posting so that this doesn't keep happening.)
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