Wednesday, September 23, 2009

7 on Wednesday (?)

I forgot to post this yesterday before work. I came home after a long day, fully intending on posting it, but then forgot as the boyfriend decided to take me on a date. Italian food and ice cream took precedence over my blog (sorry!). Then we came home....and Hell's Kitchen was on, for 2 WHOLE HOURS. I almost fell asleep near the end of the show, so it was straight to bed for me. And guess what? Instead of 10 on Tuesday, you now get 7 on Wednesday!! Aren't you lucky? I couldn't come up with ten. I'm sorry that I'm a fail whale today.

10 Things I need to plan for:

1. Coffee date on Thursday! Catching up with a friend that I haven't seen in several months.

2. Light the Night Walk on Saturday. This includes trying to get more donations and figuring out where to meet up with my team.

3. Game night. I'm thinking of having my team over after the walk for games and such.

4. Halloween decorations. I love Halloween and this is the first year that I have free reign of the entire apartment. Too bad decorations aren't actually in the budget.

5. Halloween costume. Izel and I want to do a couples costume. Last year we went as Sarah and Bristol Palin. We also need to find a party to attend with our awesome costumes.

6. Thanksgiving baking. Canadian thanksgiving is quickly approaching and I'll most likely be expected to bring the dessert. Pumpkin pie is my lover.

7. Moving and all that jazz. We're going to be moving st the beginning of December and so we first have to find a place and then pack and all that jazz. Fun times.

And that's it. That's all I have.
Sad day.


  1. First of all, good luck on your walk! Post pictures!

    Next - game night is ALWAYS awesome. I think people don't do it often enough (and are usually hesitant because they don't know if people will participate).

    Halloween costumes = awesome. Steve and I are putting together ideas for Halloween (secretive, for now)

    Moving = hectic. Your best bet is to plan ahead! When I moved, I color coded boxes: red stickers were for the living room, blue bedroom, etc.

  2. I'm hoping to get pictures of the walk, and I will post them here for sure!

    The best part of the couples Halloween costume is that Izel and I are both girls, so I find it even funnier! I can't wait to see yours and Steve's costumes :)

    And as for packing....I label everything. Each box has a list written on the outside, detailing practically everything in the box, haha.


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