Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

On days that I work, I will more often than not lack the motivation to sit at the computer and come up with a blog post...I usually need a bit of a prompt to get me going. Which is where this comes in: Ten on Tuesday. (Found courtesy of this website: The Daily Meme.) I find this to be different from my Friday Fill-In because it actually gets me thinking and I write more, and it also give you guys a peek into my mind! So without further ado, my Ten on Tuesday.

10 Things I Think Are Cool:

1. Venus Fly Traps- Stephen and I bought one at the grocery store last night and it's the coolest thing ever. We named it Vivica.

2. Glee- I've only seen one episode, but that's all I needed to get me hooked.

3. The Pioneer Woman- I long for the day that I can cook like her, and I'm able to do giveaways on the same level as her. She gives away Kitchen Aid Mixers left right and center! I want to be able to give away Kitchenaids to all of my blogging friends so they can bake all day long too! (You hear that Kitchen Aid? I'm promoting your product. Now you should return the favor and sponsor a giveaway on my blog!)

4. Eiffel Tower shaped scissors- I have a slight obsession with all things french, so these scissors are like a dream come true to me.

5. My $10 Paris pj pants- Stephen and I were grocery shopping when we found them, and now I'm in love. And yes, you read that right, I bought them at the grocery store.

6. Slow Cookers. Not anything new, but I've started using one and I love it. I prep some food the night before, turn it on in the morning and when I come home, dinner is Ready! Genius! (Listen to me, I sound like I'm 40)

7. Twitter (as a news source)- I learned about Michael Jackson's, Farrah Fawcett's, and Patrick Swayze's deaths here first. I didn't watch the VMA's, but you better believe that I sure as heck learned about Kanye's crazy moment and was even provided with a link to the youtube video. I even read his apologies through links provided through Twitter.

8. Luster Dust- I've seriously lusted after this stuff for ages, and now I own some in three different colors. I'm dying to bake cupcakes and decorate them with this stuff.

9. Mat Kearney- I've known about him for ages, but lately I've discovered that he's the perfect guy to listen to during my commute home from work. Calms me down, and I no longer arrive home from work so high strung. David Usher has the same effect.

10. My cell phone- I totally typed out this entire entry on it. While listening to Mat Kearney and sitting next to a smelly guy. I also love having unlimited web browsing for when I'm dying of boredom.


  1. love Glee! it is so fun and cute and a bit cheesy but i love it! can't wait for the new episode tomorrow.

    and seriously, wouldn't it be awesome to give away kitchenaids?

  2. I can't remember my life before my cell phone. Is that bad? But it would totally be on my list too.

    I've never heard of Ten on Tuesday, thanks for the heads up!

  3. lady? you better tell me when you start giving away kitchen aids! and! i want the contest to be rigged in my favor! i call dibs!

    additionally, i feel the same way about twitter.

  4. Gina- I can't remember my life before my current cell phone, so you're not alone! I'm always on it and it drives my boyfriend nuts.

    Becky- You'll be the first to know when I'm able to give away kitchen Aids. The post will be titled: "BECKY! Enter to win a Kitchen Aid!"
    The rules will be as follows: You may only enter this contest if your name is Becky.
    That is all.


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