Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In a nutshell.

I'm not big into astrology. I like reading my horoscope in a magazine, but once I close it, that's it. It stays within the pages of the magazine, I don't apply it to my everyday life. While reading another blog, I came across this name analyzer type deal, and I'm not going to lie- I think it sums me up pretty good. I've been thinking about this for several days now, so apparently it does have some impact on me!

Angela is the last of the great eccentrics. The funny thing is, she doesn't know it. She thinks her behaviour is perfectly normal. She sees herself as a pillar of propriety and a paragon of protocol. Angela has strong views about every topic under the sun. There's not a subject she doesn't know about or a moral point she can't pontificate on. Angela is entitled to be a little arrogant. She knows an awful lot about an awful lot of things. She is well versed, well rehearsed, and deeply immersed in the kind of knowledge that we lesser mortals can only dream of attaining. Thankfully, she is there to shed the light and show the way. This, she does generously and patiently, as befits a person of superior intellect. Angela Mallyon is wise, intelligent and (thankfully) oblivious to irony.

Or, at least, that's how Angea is, at her worst. She can't help it. She's an Aquarian and Aquarians are infamous for their occasional outbursts of pomposity. Happily there is another truly delightful side to her. Angela is as honest as the day is long, as generous as the ocean is deep. This is partly where the eccentricity comes from, for a person with such strong opinions Angela is surprisingly willing to please. she is keen to win friends and influence people. She loves to feel that she belongs. She always wants to be in on the action, part of the scene and one of the gang. Rather like Groucho Marx though, she is never sure that she would want to be part of any club that would have her as a member. She is always on the lookout for some new cause to support, or enterprise to sign up to. You might think that this would make her fickle but actually Angela is exceedingly loyal. She may be forever expanding her horizons but she never forgets her friends and she never reneges on her commitments. This is why, despite the highly idiosyncratic nature of Angela's personality, so many people think the world of her

You can find the name analysis here. The boyfriend thinks this sort of thing is silly, but I think that if it strikes a chord with you, why not run with it? It's not like it'll do me any harm.

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