Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back To Work

After two and a half weeks off, I finally go back to work tomorrow. I was really starting to miss the kids, so I'm actually looking forward to going back! Only thing I'm not excited about? Waking up at 5:30am! Those early mornings have always been hard for me.
This was a mandatory vacation for me, as my nanny family road tripped it down to Disney Land. This means that I didn't have an actual vacation planned out for myself, no getaways for me. While I'm excited to get back and see the kids and actually make money again, I can't help but think of all the things I didn't get done:
  • Not enough reading. I planned on at least finishing my current book, but due to misunderstood overdue late fees at the library, I wasn't able to renew my book and finish it. Everything is sorted out now though, but note to self: don't let my mom use my library card!
  • Not enough baking. I had all these grand plans for the things I wanted to bake and the new recipes I wanted to tackle, but thanks to a tempermental oven, this didn't happen. A guy came to look at the oven yesterday, but he didn't find anything wrong! I need to buy an oven thermometer.
  • Not enough movie/tv show watching. I haven't had a day in months where I let myself just sit and watch endless amounts of tv. Perhaps this is actually better for me!
Ok, so this wasn't as bad as I expected! Especially when I list the things I did accomplish:
  • Pancake Party with my family. I hosted it and made homemade syrup!
  • Having my youngest sister over multiple times.
  • Spending more time with my roommate Cam.
  • Cooking more. I made Lasagna, Lazy Cabbage Rolls, and Stir Fry. For someone who can't cook and has hated it her entire life, this is a big deal for me.
  • Organizing the apartment. We cleaned out all the kitchen cabinets (you wouldn't believe the amount of spices we own) and emptied out the storage room. The storage room was once full of stuff (that Stephen's old rooommates left behind), but now it's practically empty.
  • A ton of (awake!) time with Stephen. We even managed to get three full days off at the very same time! We normally have very opposite works schedules (me: 7am till 5ishpm, and him: 4pm-midnightish), so a lot of our time together is spent sleeping. We also never have the same days off (unless planned far in advance), I get weekends off, he gets a weekday or two off. This is was the biggest accomplishment by far, as it meant that we were actually able to go out and do things during day light hours! I didn't have to stay up past midnight waiting for him to come home!
I guess I'm more ready to return to work after all! Some of the things from my unaccomplished list will be accomplished anyway: More reading will be done during my commute and I always bake at the very least once a week for my nanny family.

Come 5:30am tomorrow though, I will regret ever writing this post, having a job and I will be wishing that Starbucks delivered coffee to me in bed.


  1. It was SO good! I don't know why I have never attempted to make it before! It's easy too. I can send you a link to the recipe if you're interested.

  2. How do you make homemade syrup? Was it maple?

  3. It wasn't Maple, it was a vanilla brown sugar recipe. It was SO yummy! I got it from Joy The Baker


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