Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Babies & Bunnies

My sister and her friend Margaret came over for a visit today and brought with them this little cutie: This is Emma. She's just nine months old and cute as a button. I love her so much I can hardly stand it! When she's around, I'll often proclaim that she's my baby and I'm quick to take her off her mama's hands. She has about a dozen nicknames thanks to me, and she'll likely acquire about a dozen more in the coming months.

I nanny for a family with 4 kids and a bunny named Molly. My nanny family is currently on a vacation in Disney Land, and I have the joy of bunny-sitting.

Molly's cute and fairly low maintenance. I can be in and out of the house in an hour...with most of that time spent letting him run around and get exercise. (You did not read that wrong, Molly is in fact, a him. He was named before the family knew wether it was a Molly or a Milo.)
I discovered today that I may be allergic to Molly, and I'm not too impressed. I've never been allergic to anything! The past two days I've left the house rubbing my eyes and sneezing. I don't normally handle Molly when my nanny kids are at home, hence the delayed realization of my bunny allergy. I suppose I'll just have to take one for the team and put up with itchy eyes for another two weeks.

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