Saturday, July 25, 2009

Big City Girl

I've always been a city girl, through and through. I grew up in Toronto and have lived in Calgary for the past ten years. I don't plan on living in Calgary forever, I hope to live in Vancouver or Toronto some day. Calgary is alright for now, but I think I need to live in a bigger city. I need the excitement of all the people and knowing that everything downtown doesn't shut down early at night.

Occasionally though, I will pause, look around me, and fall in love with Calgary. It's the simple things that make me fall in love; a trip to the farmer's market, discovering a new coffee shop, finding a new park hidden in between houses and the thing I'm loving most lately: the view from my balcony. I could sit out there for hours. Who am I kidding? I already have! I invited my sister and her friends over for a movie night, but we spent the whole night out on the balcony. It's perfect weather for it, and there's always something interesting to look at.

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