Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Bad Day & A Happy List

Today got off to a not so happy start, and just kept going downhill from there. I honestly have no idea why, but anything that could go wrong did. So, in an effort to make myself smile, here are the things that are currently making me happy, despite a bad day:

  • Ice cream. We have three different flavors in the apartment with a multitude of sundae toppings. Oh yes!
  • Upcoming Wedding Social. A friend of mine from highschool is getting married, and although we haven't seen or talked much since then, I'm going to show up at the BBQ and support her love!
  • My balcony. Whenever the boys get home from work or someone comes over, we all sit on the balcony and enjoy the weather! I love it it when it gets dark and I get to light candles.
  • My love. He'll do anything to make me smile, and no one can melt my heart quite like he can.
  • Brand new BBQ. We've planned a huge BBQ party for next month, and I cannot wait for it to come!

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