Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Peek Around My House

Several weeks ago, I promised that I would share some glimpses of my home (after Stephen bought me all of the awesome new furniture). I never got around to that, but I’m hoping you don’t mind, because I’m going to do it right now! If you’re friends with me on Facebook, then you’ve probably already seen these pictures. Sorry for the repeats.
Let’s start with my living room, shall we? In my opinion, our living room is rather long. In one corner, we have our couch, loveseat and TV, along with end tables and a coffee table. The other end of the living room was quite bare when we moved in, so Stephen and I decided that we wanted to fill it with a desk and bookshelf. A sort of mini office, if you will. Well, Stephen, being the amazing gift giver that he is, picked out a desk for me for my birthday.
March 28 1085
On the left, is the bookshelf and on the right, is another shelf that houses our printer. The desk, is obviously in the middle. The wall above it is rather and tall and obviously empty. Our plans are to buy some shelves to put above it. You know, when we get around to having enough money to do so. Our house is a work in progress.
March 28 1086
Here’s a better look at the bookshelf, where it becomes painfully obvious that I love all things French.
March 28 1088
My parents took me shopping for my birthday, which is where I picked up this candle holder. I picked up last minute on a whim, yet it has become one of my favorite items. I adore it!
Now onto my bedroom. Stephen also surprised me with two nightstands, a bedframe, and a dresser for my birthday. Yes, I was spoiled rotten. And yes, we were broke after that. Also, yes, it was totally worth it.
March 28 1078
So that’s a pretty awful picture, but when I was going around taking pictures of the new stuff, I forgot to take a new one of the bedframe. Since this picture was taken, we’ve hung a map above the bed, and cleared out the junk on the right. Just so you know, it’s been a year since we’ve had a bedframe. Our last one broke in the last move.
March 28 1093
The new dresser! I had originally wanted the taller version of this one, but I love this dresser so much more. I just wish I had fresh flowers on there all the time. Those were my Valentine flowers from Stephen. Oh yeah, he takes good care of me.
March 28 1091
Last crummy picture. The lighting in the hallway is bad, and my photography skills (plus lack of photo editing knowledge) means that this picture is rather yellow. I still wanted to show you my ampersand though, I’m quite proud of it! As you can see, we have this funny little ledge over our stairwell (that’s the messy kitchen below!), so I stuck a couple of things up there. I didn’t even notice this ledge until February, which is 2 months after we had moved in!
So there you have it, a few glimpses of my home. Pretty soon, I’ll come back and share my anniversary present from Stephen. That deserves a post all on its own.
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