Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oh iTunes...

Before I moved, back when I still used my parent's computer, I had a pretty impressive iTunes library. Ok, so maybe it only impressed me (I did have around 3000 songs), but regardless, I was happy with it. I moved, and had to leave behind all of my music. I hadn't yet purchased an external hard drive, so my music stayed at home with my parents. Then my parent's computer got a virus and everything was almost lost, but luckily a tech savy friend of my parents' was able to salvage everything. My youngest sister has been happily enjoying my music for about a month now.

My Dad finally bought himself an external hard drive (it's about time), and all of my music now resides on there. I finally was able to get the hard drive over to my apartment, and put all of my music onto my boyfriend's computer. I was so very excited to get all of my music back finally! I now had about 4000 songs, due to my sister adding in some of her own music. I went to go through my library and clean it up some, only to find out that hardly any of my music seemed to make it through the transfer. I had to delete close to 4000 songs!
I'm not sure what happened along the way, but right now I'm crying on the inside. I'm going to try and get Stephen to take a look at it...I'm praying that I just made a mistake somewhere along the line.

I've been going nuts without my music. I don't have enough cds to sustain me, radio gets incredibly repetitive, and the music channels on Shaw cable are ok for only a bit. I'm looking for new places to listen to music (besides downloading from limewire or iTunes). Where do you guys listen to your music online?
I'm looking for all the help I can get. I already know about The Hype Machine and I can't access Pandora Radio due to a little thing called living in Canada, ha.


  1. Oh no! Pandora is the best =( Sometimes, I go to imeem, although they don't have everything. At least there, you can create your own playlist from all the songs you can find, or listen to other peoples' playlists. But you can't download the music to an mp3 player (or your computer for that matter).

    As for your music... it may be a conversion issue. If you use iTunes, perhaps the songs need to be converted. I'm no expert, but I had a similar problem. Best of luck!

  2. I used to listen to Pandora way back in the day, so I was rather sad to find that I can no longer access the website! I went to imeem the other night actually, but I found that when I created a a play list, it only played the chorus of each song. I need to look into it more though.

    Hopefully all it is is a conversion issue, I miss my music!

  3. Try You can put together playlists. I also use occasionally.

  4. I'll give them both a look, thanks!


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