Monday, August 24, 2009

My New Favorite Game

I had a BBQ on Saturday night, and while not a ton of people showed up like I was hoping for, my very best friends and my sister and her boyfriend did show up. After eating dinner on the balcony, we all moved indoors for dessert (last minute Indonesian Spice Cake) and a game: The Game of Things. There's a good chance that we played this game for 3 hours, it's that funny!
By the end of the game, every round had answers about me, and each round got dirtier than the last.
It's Saturday nights like these that I love the very most. Thank you friends.


  1. i love games with friends... so fun AND i always win. always.

  2. Well aren't you lucky! I definitely did not win this turned into a "make fun of Angela" game.

  3. ok that game sounds like a ton of fun! i am so going to have to try it out someday!


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