Monday, August 10, 2009

A Coffee & Dinner Date

It's a gorgeous day today, and to make it even better, I have the day off! My nanny family is currently driving back from a wedding in Winnipeg, so I get to enjoy this gorgeous weather outside.
First up on the list of things to do? Meet up with my most favorite
Hannah (the one who's here from Abu Dhabi) and head to 17th Ave to window shop. One of my favorite coffee shops just happens to be here as well, Caffe Beano, so we're definitely stopping
there. There's always such an ecclectic mix of people sitting out front, so one could be entertained for hours.
After 17th, we'll be headed to Denny's to meet up with another friend, and it'll be fantastic!
I should probably stop procrastinating though and go get dressed. There will be no fabulous day if I stay in my pajamas all day!


  1. staying in pajamas is always the best kind of days though! hehe.

  2. mmm... Denny's. I miss it. They don't have Denny's where I live. Have a great time and enjoy the weather. Cool page by the way.

  3. i wish we had cool coffee shops near me. it's all the bux :(


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