Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday#121 at Roots and Rings
It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done a ToT post, but I had to participate this week, because I love the questions!
1. Ikea: over-hyped and confusing or genius furniture company? Genius furniture company. I love that I can afford the furniture, and for the most part, it’s good quality. I didn’t always think it was good quality though. I used to think good quality furniture came from places like The Brick, until I bought a dining room table from there and it’s not falling apart. I dream of owning an Ikea dining room table and chairs.
2. Your favorite interior-decorator-type person wants to makeover one room in your house. Which room do you choose and why? Do I get to have a free makeover? If so, then I pick the living room. We’re in need of some shelves, artwork and a sectional sofa. If I have to pay for it all out of pocket, then I pick our bedroom, because it only need a TV stand and a piece of artwork or two. It would be more fun to be able to show off our beautifully decorated living room though.
3. Describe the furniture in your childhood bedroom. Did you like it? Where is that furniture now? To be honest, I don’t remember much about the furniture in my childhood bedroom. It was all hand-me-downs, and I shared a room with my sisters for a good long time, so the furniture wasn’t really anything special. Some of the furniture (bed and dresser) is still at my parent’s house. Fun fact: I’ve never owned a brand new bed frame until this year, when Stephen bought me one for my birthday. I’ve still never owned a brand new mattress, but thankfully, the mattress Stephen brought into our relationship was bought brand new after he met me. I went shopping for it with him. 
4. When you’re done with furniture, what do you do with it? Donate it to Goodwill OR Sell it on Craigslist OR Put it by the curb and hope the trash guys take it? Depends on how old it is. I usually just want it out of my house, so whoever is willing to take it off my hands can have it. We’re planning on buying a sectional soon(ish), so when we do, we’ll try and sell our current couch and loveseat on Kijiji.
5. My Pinterest furniture style could best be described as
antique/shabby chic
so random and varied it’s undefinable.
So random and varied it’s undefinable. I like a good mixture of antique and modern.
6. Name the most important furniture/toy in a toddler’s playroom. And why? A toy box. You need somewhere to be able to toss all of the miscellaneous toys at the end of the day. When the kids are really young, I don’t see a need to sort out the toys, so I like the ease of being able to just toss it all into one bin at the end of the day.
7. Your parents (or grandparents or other relative) are giving away all their furniture. Which piece do you really want? Nothing, actually. My style is different than both my parents and grandparents, that I really don’t think I want any of their furniture. My great grandma did give me a side table last year, but we’re only using it until we buy our new couch. Once we buy new end tables, it’ll be banished to the basement, along with another mismatched side table.
8. Your biggest furniture buying or home decorating regret? Buying a counter height dining room table and chairs from The Brick. It’s poorly made, no one thinks they’re comfortable, and only 4 people can sit at it (5 if we squish). I can’t wait until it’s in our budget to buy a bigger table!
9. $1000 gift card! Do you want it to Ethan Allen, ikea, Pottery Barn Kids? I don’t think we have an Ethan Allen here, and I don’t have any kids yet, so that means IKEA! I’d have a blast spending that $1000.
10. Bunk beds, loft beds, trundle beds, or canopy beds? If the answer has to be from this list, then I’ll settle for a canopy bed. If it doesn’t have to been from this list, then I pick a sleigh bed. I’ve always wanted one!
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