Sunday, January 31, 2010

What’s In My Purse?

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My current bag isn’t anything special, and in fact, I’m using it until purse shopping is once again in my budget. Being a nanny, I can’t be held accountable for the things found inside my purse. There are often times I’ll find toy cars and half eaten candies. Surprisingly enough, there wasn’t anything of that sort in there this time! I did clean up a few stray gum wrappers before taking this picture.

1. My mitts and scarf: I wish I had mitts that better match my scarf, but I don’t. Last year, I lost my mitts while downtown, and since it was a –30C day, I needed a new, cheap pair, and fast. These were the first ones I found, and I haven’t replaced them yet.

2. This wallet was a gift from my sister last Christmas. It holds pretty much everything I need.

3. The book I’m currently reading: Alone: A Valentino Mystery, by Loren D. Estleman. I can’t stand being stuck without reading material!

4. My brand new notebook was a gift my from my nanny family. I use it to write down anything I want to remember.

5. Starbucks VIA instant coffee: I was very reluctant to try this, but was needing the caffeine boost in the afternoons at work. I don’t always have access to my nanny family’s coffee maker (the mom sometimes puts it away in the basement) and carrying around actual coffee in my purse just doesn’t make sense. These little guys fit perfectly in my purse and don’t taste as bad as I expected! Although, I do only drink it when I don’t have access to real coffee.

6. Orbit Gum: I always need to have gum. For whatever reason, I love Orbit gum, but can’t find any here in Calgary. I made my parents bring me back some from their trip to Memphis. The strawberry mint isn’t my favorite flavor, but it’s all I have left. Last pack people! Then I’ll have to switch to regular gum.

7. Allergy meds, eye drops & Chap stick: I’m allergic to rabbits, and my nanny family has one. I keep them in my purse, so if I forget to take my pill before work, I can do it once there. Chap stick is pretty self explanatory.

8. iPod Nano: With an hour long commute to work, I need to have music.

9. Tide to Go Pen and Hand Sanitizer: These are things that I have discovered to be essential as a nanny. There’s also Band-Aids in my wallet. There was a time when some of my friends started referring to me as their Mom because of the things they would find in my purse!

10. Pens: I’m not sure why I have 4 pens and a Sharpie marker. I’ll slim that down to one or two pens.

11. Nail Clippers & Nail File: I have brittle nails, and I chew on them. Sometimes I just need to clip them to save my sanity.

12. Keys: My keys are on a Nelly Furtado (???) lanyard. I love the lanyard because it makes finding my keys (in my bottomless purse) much easier.

I’m actually quite surprised that I’m able to fit so much into such a little purse! When I’m going out (not to work), I’ll often take out several of the above items.

Feel free to play along! What’s in your purse?

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