Monday, April 12, 2010

A Vacation By The Numbers…

Number of trips made to Tim Horton’s: 4
Number of prizes won from Roll Up The Rim to Win: 1 coffee
Number of donuts consumed by 6 people: 93 (80 of which were Timbits)
TimbitsNumber of new people met: 6
Number of movies watched: 3
Number of books read: 1 1/2
Number of meals eaten out: 3
Number of rounds of Mario Kart that I won against Stephen: 3
Number of visits with Stephen’s grandparents: 2
Number of visits to West Edmonton Mall: 1
westedNumber of nights slept on a deflating air mattress: 2
Number of unexpected snowstorms: 1
Number of times Stephen rearranged his Mom’s apartment to drive her nuts: 2
Number of laughs we both had: 1000 (at least)

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